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Western Canada

Western Canada

Canada map

We live in Ontario Canada near Toronto.  Just look for the Great Lakes and especially Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  We live in a city called Cambridge which lies between those two Great Lakes, a little west of Toronto.  We have family and friends on the East coast of Canada near the Atlantic Ocean, and on the West coast of Canada near the Pacific Ocean.

We have traveled to the West coast of Canada many times so here is a little taste of what it is like out west (British Columbia and Alberta) ..

  1. The Athabasca Glacier is on the road between Banff and JasperAthabasca Glacier Rocky Mountains Canada


Athabasca Glacier Canada


Rob has noticed global warming …Glacier Rocky Mountains Canada


2.  Lake Louise has a beautiful walking trail around the right side of it.  Maybe the cliff crawlers will be there the day you arrive like they were for us.Lake Louise Alberta Canada


3.  The Banff Springs Hotel has a walking wiggles trail to walk up to the top of the mountain.  You can ride down if you must or ride up and walk down.Banff Springs Hotel in Banff Alberta Canada

We didn’t stay here.  We stayed in a campground just outside of town.  In the middle of the night, Sue had pains in her side so we ended up spending the night at the Banff hospital.Banff Alberta Campground


4.  Butchart Gardens Victoria B.C.

Butchart Gardens Victoria B.C,

It was a July Friday afternoon when we were at this spectacular garden.  We loved the flowers, trees, fountains and roses but our favourite was the Monkey Puzzle tree.  I will let you try and locate it in the garden when you visit.  I am certain it will still be there.  This tree is a bizarre, open-branched, ultra-spiky evergreen tree that has a lifespan of up to 1,000 years and produces giant, five-kilogram cones — standing underneath one of these could knock you out.Monkey Puzzle tree Butchart Gardens Victoria B..C.


5.  Pacific Rim National Park Vancouver Is. B.C. – Wickaninnish Beach

Pacific Rim National Park Vancouver Is. B.C. - Wikaninnish Beach

We left Tofino on the Pacific Ocean on the west side of Vancouver Is. on July 16.  It was a Sunday.  Not far out of town, we stopped  at the head of the Bogwalk trail that led down to the beach. This is Wickaninnish Beach.  There was an interprative centre there explaining this coastal magic place and Sue rescued a hummingbird that was trapped inside the building.


There was a 500+ year old sphagnum cedar forest there that we walked through to get to the beach.

over 1000 years old and used extensively by the west coast native peoples

These very very old trees and the moss growing on them, was used extensively by the West Coast native peoples who lived in the area hundreds of years ago.