oh the places you'll go

The Maritimes

We have tons of information to post on the Maritimes!   All of the communities have at least one very special “do not miss” feature.  For example, The Tablelands in Gros Morne Park on Newfoundland’s west coast or camping in a famous fjord along the south shore of NFLD.; Cape Lummiere’s petrified rocks and the Bouctouche Dunes

it goes on forever

It goes on forever …

of New Brunswick’s shore facing P.E.I.; the many beaches on Nova Scotia’s south shore;  of course, Anne of Green Gables on P.E.I.; just to name a few we will mention.   Our car trips from the Toronto area to all those great adventures on the east coast of Canada had its own highlights that we must tell you about, lest you never know about them and die before you pay them a personal visit. We drove there and back over 10 times southern Ontario to Montreal to Quebec City to the Gaspe to N.B. and on down to the Atlantic ocean. Wow! Just wait until you discover what we discovered!