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The Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon


We flew direct from Toronto to Lima Peru.  We were greeted at the airport by a Tahuayo Lodge staff member.  The lady took us to a hotel near the airport so we could nap for a few hours before we flew again from Lima, back north over the Andes Mountains, to a jungle city called Iquitos Peru (pop. 1 million).   Iquitos is a Peruvian port city and gateway to the jungle lodges and tribal villages of the northern Amazon.  This city is only accessible by plane or boat.  Once in Iquitos, we were met again at the airport by our personal guide, Weni.  He would be with us every waking moment while we were at the Tahuayo Lodge.  You might want to check out the lodge’s website… (perujungle.com)  Weni escorted us down to a river boat and off we went up the Amazon River for 6 hours to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve and the lodge was waiting in all its glory.

Weni was our guide. He was born and raised in this part of the Amazon Jungle.

Weni was our guide. He was born and raised in this part of the Amazon Jungle.

The lodge was perfect!  this is it from the back.  The river is on the front side.  It accommodates about 30 guests at one time.  The owner is Paul Beaver and he is an American scientist.  He also has another lodge up the river a little further where the scientists stay when visiting.  It is more remote and we did have the opportunity of staying in it for a few days.  Loved it also!!Tahuayo Lodge

Tahuayo Lodge Peru

Since most of the medicines of the world come from plants and animals in the Amazon Jungle, we decided that we had to visit this vast garden of Eden before we died or before the large corporations of the world, cut it down.

The local people do a yearly cleanse using a ficus fig tree …


This lodge is in the upper Peruvian Amazon.   There is a small village nearby called Chinos, with about 60 people living in it – 40 of them were kids.  This village was close to the scientific research centre where we stayed.  One day, we visited the village to take them some medical supplies that we brought from Canada.

These kids we showing us what they do for fun.


On another day, our guide took us up the river to find Dorilla.  Dorilla was a wild woolly monkey who was rescued by the lodge staff when her mother deserted her at a young age.  She was cared for and then at the age of 1 year, Dorilla was released by into the wild, not far from the lodge.  Every boat that passes by Dorilla’s territory, gets greeted by her.  She squawks and swings through the trees to meet the passerbys.  If the boat stops, Dorilla will join the people in the boat, looking for food of course.  She loved bananas the most!

We were boating along one day and as we came round a bend in the river, we heard Dorilla.  Dorilla was bounding through the trees heading for our boat.

Our guide stopped the boat close to the shore and Dorilla joined us.

Dorilla loved bananas and apples.


It was mid afternoon and the mosquitoes were out in full force.  Our guide, Weni, who was born and raised near the lodge, decided to take us zip lining in some 100 foot high trees behind the lodge.  We were to be hoisted to the top of a very large tree.  It was a long way up and the platform near the top wasn’t very big.  I went first and Sue soon followed.  I was terrified but not Sue.  (I would do anything for her.)



Sue was the bravest of us all.

Check out …. perujungle.com

Paul Beaver and his team, including his wife, have been operating this eco lodge and adventure tours very safely since 1981.

That’s where this unique holiday adventure paradise is.IMG_1671



Watch Sue fly through the trees.  I nicknamed her Jane since she now calls me Tarzan!

Yes! Susan and I were manually hoisted to the top of a 100′ tall Amazon Rainforest tree just so we could biplane our way around the canopy.  And, yes I did have my handy Sony H300 camera around my neck.  In spite of the humidity, I never had any problems with this camera.  It is the best camera I’ve owned so far, and trust me … my wife researched cameras to death before we bought this one.

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THE BEST…Sony Cyber-shot DSC -HX300

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