This is our first day of a real African adventure!

We are located in Manyara National Park in Tanzania east Africa.  The Park is in the Rift Valley, which stretches through several east African countries.  We are staying for one night only, at the Kirurumu Tent Lodge situated on the plateau above the valley.  There is a giant lake below us called Lake Manyara.  Lake Manyara is fed by many underground springs, which also feed the trees and bushes.  This fertile land is home to many different plants and animals.

Here are a few that we witnessed first hand today …

  1.  elephant
  2.  giraffe
  3.  hippo
  4.  baboon



  1.  eagle
  2.  flamingo
  3.  storks
  4.  ibis
  5.  jackal
  6.  mongoose
  7.  Cape buffalo
  8.  impala
  9.  wildebeest
  10.  warthogs
  11.  acacia tree
  12.  sausage tree
  13.  baobab tree
  14.  fig tree

and many more.

We took almost 1000 photos and over 100 videos today alone.

We will post the best ones as soon as we are staying at a place with really fast internet.

Masai Warriors


We stopped along the highway on our way to Lake Manyara in the Rift Valley to chat with some teenage boys who belong to the Masai tribe.  Tanzania is composed of many different tribes of which the Masai is a very important one.  Masai people live close to Mount Kilimanjaro, which isn’t far from where we are today.  Teenage boys all go through a ritual of becoming a “man” or a warrior.  They wear black clothing and paint their faces white to signal to the young ladies that they are not yet “adults”.  They have to partake in a ritual circumcision and roam the land until they are healed.  They must survive on their own to prove that they are ready to take on all the responsibilities of being an adult i.e. marriage, parenthood, and employment, which will probably involve agriculture or tourism.

Masai Warriors almost
Once they become adults, their clothing will change to red or blue.


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