oh the places you'll go

South America

We spent a month traveling around South America in the fall of 2007.  Every place was so memorable that in my next life, I will return to the southern continent for more of “the good life”.

We visited Santiago Chile, Mendoza and Buenos Airies Argentina, Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian border, and finally Rio de Janeiro on Brazil’s Atlantic coast.

In no particular order …Iguazu

We stayed at the Cataratas Hotel located on the banks of Iguazu Falls.  This toucan was sitting in a tree above the front door of the hotel, snacking on the eggs from the Weaver Bird’s nest.Iguana Falls Argentina - toucan


At 7 a.m., we followed the pathways from the top of the Falls to the river below.  It was like 6 Niagara Falls joined together.  Sue was definitely not thinking of jumping over the edge but many people use this location to end their lives.Iguazu Falls Argentina


Iguazu Falls South America

We did rent a speed boat and zoom up this river toward the “Devil’s Throat” where all the falls meet.  It was exhilerating and much more fun than the “Maid of the Mist” in Niagara Falls Canada.