oh the places you'll go

Cape Town

Our culture and cuisine 21 day tour began in Cape Town, which is located at the south tip of Africa.  It was named by the New York Times in 2014 as the best place to visit in the world.  Here is a photo taken from the “Wikipedia” website of the city.  The photographer was on Table Mountain when the shot was taken.CTfromTableMountain

The day we arrived, I went by cable car to the top of Table Mountain and my wife traveled up the coast for about 2 hours to look for great white sharks.  I am not afraid of sharks but I get sea sick very easily.

table mountain 1

I can tell you that it was very scenic and breath taking at the top of this mountain over looking the city below, but my wife’s shark adventure was a once in a life time experience.

She had hired a shark touring group to escort her and a few other tourists out into Shark Alley, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic.  Their boat was small and they were lucky that day to have found a dead whale calf to use as bait for the sharks.

Here she is getting ready to be lowered over the side of the boat in a cage made from chicken wire.  You can see the dead whale in the background.shark 2

Here she is again under the water taking a photo of a great white shark who was determined that she would make a fine and very tasty lunch.shark 1