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Animals at Victoria Falls Zambia

Walking Safari …Victoria falls with R+S

While visiting Victoria Falls in Zambia, we went for a walking safari along the Zambezi River’s edge.  Our guide was carrying a gun to protect us from whatever might happen.  The first animal we came across was the Black Rhino.  He told us to always have a dead tree between you and the rhino because, the very heavy rhino will take a few seconds to turn his massive body toward you before he charges.  If there is a barrier between you and this animal, you are safe because he can’t jump or even step over the log.black rhino


When staying at a beautiful hotel right beside Victoria Falls just a couple of miles outside the town of Livingston in Zambia, we frequently lounged at poolside during mid day.  The temperatures were about 45 deg. celsius and most tourists hung out at the pool.  To our surprise so did the zebras.  They nibbled on the grasses and drank the pool water.  Their black and white stripes act as an air conditioning system for them.zebra


If you wanted to leave the hotel property and walk down the short path to the edge of Victoria Falls for a photo opportunity or to do some bungee jumping, visitors first had to sign out just in case the baboons attacked.  Baboons did not hesitate to climb on a person in search for food i.e. maybe a snack hidden in a pocket.  They have very sharp teeth and long nails.baboon


The crocodiles and the hippos hung out in the water very close to the bank and pathways.  It wouldn’t take long to be swallowed up by either if they hadn’t had their lunch yet.  The crocodile has 4 muscles to open his mouth and 40 muscles to close it.  He would just leap onto the bank and snatch you up.  The hippos killed the most people by trampling them, because many native residents came to the river’s edge daily for their water.  Hippos didn’t always stay in the river.  Sometimes they rested in the long grasses near the river.  It was very cool there.crocodileriver hippo


Elephants are very social as most of us know but they are also very territorial.  They appear docile but don’t try to get too close or even think about snuggling up to a baby elephant.  This elephant was watching us have our picnic lunch along the Zambezi River.  He let out a loud yell to tell us to “bugger off”.elephant


Watch your step when taking one of those walking safaris.  All of the animals defecate just as humans do but they don’t have one particular location to use as their toilets.  If you spot a large white pile, leave it be because it is hyena poop.  Remember, hyenas are scavengers and they ate bones and all.  White bones make white poop.