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Sayulita is a surfers’ paradise.  It is filled with hippies.  This small hip Mexican community lies between Bucerias and San Pancho.  Just take the Sayulita bus.    There are lots of opportunities for accommodations and they host a surfing competition on the beach every February.  We took surfing lessons the day we were there.  Wear your “hippie” outfit and you’ll fit right in.  There is bus service to and from the village as well which makes it very convenient to come and go.


This is Sue on the surf board, having her first surfing lesson …

Rob heads out ...

Rob heads out …

Robert had a great deal of difficulty with that surf board.  He also has been a swimmer his entire life but today, there was no way he was going to do anything on that board other than lie on it.  He blames his lack of balance and strength on the delicious carrot cakes and the wonderful rich meals he has been eating for 2 months.  Before he came to Mexico, he was “wheat free”, and now he is 10 lbs heavier.

Surfer Rob

Learning to surf in Sayulita Mexico

Learning to surf in Sayulita Mexico