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Puffer Fish Basic Facts

The early morning walk on the beach started off peacefully, but soon things changed.  There were some fishermen having  difficulties with their net.  Two of them were on the beach struggling to pull it in, and another fellow went out in his small boat to see what was tangled in it.  A crowd started to form on the beach to watch the action.  It took about 1/2 hour for them to get the net onto the shore.  It was filled with hundreds of blowfish.  Lots of pictures were taken, and then everyone started to help the fishermen throw them back into the ocean.  The frigate birds, the pelicans, the Arctic terns, and the Napoleon gulls all gathered overhead hoping for a yummy breakfast.  They were looking for any kind of fish in the net, but certainly not the blowfish.

Pufferfish Bucerias Beach Mexico

Even Sue was in on the action!

Blowfish or pufferfish are medium sized fish about the size of a football when filled with air.  They love warm ocean waters.  They are the second most poisonous creature on our planet.  The poison dart frog is #1.  The pufferfish can expand their bodies very quickly by filling themselves with air which makes them look very dangerous, with its long poisonous spikes covering their entire bodies.  The spikes are very toxic to animals including humans, so beware!