Mountain Gorilla Silverback Mates in Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda with BeachBabyBob
Holy Sh’t!

While searching for the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, we came upon a family known as Agashya (meaning special). When first habituated the Agashya Gorilla Family Group had only 13 family members – that is why it was referred to back then as the 13th group. The group has thrived and grown. Today, there are 25 plus family members with 1 Silverback leading this large group. The Agashya Gorilla Family Group is found in the same general area as the Sabyinyo Gorilla Family Group.  The Agashya move to a higher and deeper site than the other group.  Most often they are found in the foothills slopes of Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga. This “Special”  group will be easier to track for most – though when they move higher up the mountainside,  it takes a lot more effort to track them.


It was one morning in Sept. 2017, when myself, BeachBabyBob and my wife, Sue, finally found them, after an arduous trek up and down the mountainside through nettles and mud.  A Blackback in the troupe was mating with one of the Silverback’s queens. She was making loud sounds, while in the heat of the moment.  Her Silverback master heard her and came running. The Blackback left the scene quickly and when the Silverback arrived, he wasn’t happy with his female.

Watch and find out what happens …

Published by Robert Fox

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