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The Sahara Desert

There are many different kinds of deserts in the world.  Some are hot deserts covered in sand.  Some are cold deserts covered in ice.  The Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world and it is located in northern Africa.

The Arabic word for desert or “abandoned place” is Saraha.  Deserts have low humidity and little water.  There are still many things that live in deserts like the Saraha.  Shrubs and cacti are common as well as lizards and coyotes.

We only stayed 2 days in the Sahara Desert because we were touring the entire country.  It was definitely a life time highlight for me.  The beauty is consuming!  We traveled by jeep over the flat endless gravel desert for hours to the vast erg Cheddi sand dunes at Merzouga

people live out here

                   people live out here


The hotel was like nothing we had ever encountered anywhere in the world.


                                                   accommodations are elegant




                                   early morning safari each with a local Berber guide

Rob with camel Morocco

                                                Rob’s camel wouldn’t cooperate

sue in the Sahara desert

                                           Sue was looking for her camel and water








We loved it!

We loved it!