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Mexico 2016

Mexico 2016 Feb. 1


We arrived in Mexico on Wed. Jan. 27 as planned, and made our way up the coastal highway 200 to the quaint village of San Pancho.  The Bird Hostel was waiting for us as planned, and we were anxious to study Mexican birds for a month.  But, it only took a few hours for us to realize that the house was moldy.  Sue couldn’t breathe and began to cough almost immediately, so we packed up and left. (pack, unpack, pack, unpack)

Luckily, we had friends staying in nearby Bucerias, which is only 20 min. by bus, so we headed there.  It was around 9 p.m. and dark, but we knew our way.  Even the 3 drunken men on the bus who were determined to get involved in our life, didn’t deter us.  We reached our destination without incident, after a very long day and thankfully, our friends were still up.  They were gracious enough to invite us to stay with them for as long as we liked.  We decided to find another place to stay in Bucerias because we understand that everyone needs their privacy no matter how close the friendship is.

Today, Feb. 1, we moved into a small beach side flat.  It is right around the corner from where we stayed last year only this time, instead of on the roof of an old Mexican hotel, we are literally, right on the beach.  The place seems perfect for the two of us, but we will see.  The truth is, we are in Mexico and anything can happen in Mexico.  There are scorpions biting people, people on horseback, and entire families moving about on motorcycles, with no helmets in sight.  Maybe a tsunami will arrive and wash us off to Hawaii where our friend Betty is at the moment.  I think it is due west some 5458 km.

Sue wasn’t feeling well once we unpacked in our new beachside apartment so we visited the doctor.  After a few tests, she discovered that she had a kidney infection and needed to be on meds for 2 weeks.  Finally around 6:30 p.m., we made some delicious broccoli soup and decided to go for a walk.  The sun sets at 7 p.m.Bucerias beach Mexico

Sue walks the long beach looking for glass.

Bucerias Mexico - beach vendor

Sue buys a donut!



Casa Lourdes Bucerias Mexico

From our new palapa

Bucerias Mexico - Casa Lourdes

From our kitchen window


Mexico 2016 – Feb. 2