The Leopard and the Lion September 6, 2017

leopard in TanzaniaImportant Note

I have to apologize to all who might be following along with our adventure in Tanzania and Rwanda Africa.  We have been here 4 days now and have been changing accommodations every day.  Even though most places are 5 star hotels, most are out in the wilderness and their internet connections are poor.  Therefore we cannot load much of anything at this point.  As soon as we get to a place where the internet connection is speedy, we will redo all of the posts for each day and add more pictures and videos and text.  Stay tuned because you will be amazed as we have been.

Today began at 8 a.m. will another safari into the Tarangire Valley in Tanzania.  We were in search of the leopard.  As you might know, the leopard is one of Africa’s Big 5 because it is so elusive.  There are approximately 20 leopards in Tanzania and today we witnessed 2 of them, which according to our guide John, is amazing.

Stay tuned for more on the leopard.

P.S. We did find the tree lion as well who was just as stunning as the leopard.

Videos and more photos coming soon.



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