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San Pancho Mexico

This quaint small Mexican village is 40 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport along the coastal highway 200.  We have spent the winter there recently for 3 years in a row.  While staying in Bucerias one year, we had heard about San Pancho, so we took a city bus up the road and spent the day there.  We loved it so much that we rented a house there the next year.  We even stayed in the surfers’ hostel in the village which was very affordable and the food and accommodations were perfect for us.

San Pancho Mexico beach






San Pancho Mexico surfers

It is unusual because in the 1970s, President Echeverría, who had a holiday home there, used this fishing village as a model for his ideal of a self-sufficient village.  He invested in the infrastructure constructing a hospital, housing, schools, and cobblestone streets. Now the town attracts a mix of Mexicans, expats, and tourists.  The population is only around 3000.   There are many very well educated Mexicans calling San Pancho their home.

The EntreAmigos Community Centre is an award winning hub of the village, and is so unique that it is a must visit if you ever visit.

The village is much less crowded than the surfer town of Sayulita just 6 km away.  Even though San Pancho is not considered a surfers’ beach village, the beach is great for surfing.   You can swim in the cove too but only down on the far left south corner of the beach.San Pancho Mexico swim beach

Lots of different kinds of fun happen on the San Pancho beach.


San Pancho Mexico sand sculpture

Sue loves the ocean and San Pancho is on the Pacific, unlike Bucerias south 20 minutes, which is in Banderas Bay.

Sue watches the fishermen and the frigate birds on the San Pancho beach.  This is the safer swimming part of the beach.

San Pancho Mexico beach   San Pancho Mexico beach

Check out the rip current …


Luis Morales is one of those very smart Mexican scientists who lives and works in San Pancho.  He offers bird outings which are very informative and affordable.

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