oh the places you'll go


We visited the north of India in 2010 with Pauwel’s Travel from Brantford Ontario.  We spent 3 weeks exploring from Dehli to Varanasi.  Lavish palaces, vibrant bizarres, and Kama Sutra temples were everywhere.  The people are the friendliest of all the places we’ve been. 

We returned again in 2012 and explored the south and its tropical paradises.

Jet Airways was a great airline.   We were first in line at the checkin so that we could get the best seats possible for this 16 hour journey.  We managed to park our car at Sky Park close to the airport for 3 weeks at a total cost (taxes included) of $89.  We flew from Toronto to Brussels and then on to India with its a population of 1.6 billion people.

Our southern India adventure began in Mumbai on Nov. 20, 2012 and from there we flew south.  Most of our travels on this, our second trip, happened in the southern part of the country.

I wrote this poem in celebration of this magical land!

“1.2 Billion”

Colours came alive on the smiling faces of children
Sita Shiva protected and entertained us with his steering, braking, and honking
Oxidized swimming pools with waters of silk
Bathed us over the windy mountain roads
Through lush vegetable jungles of fresh spice

Paddies and palms
Bamboo and bananas
Coconuts and curry
Fed us for weeks
Sipping on teas, coffees, and the wines of the fruits

Nandi’s eyes followed us through temple towers
Cows contemplating the many lives of nature
Elephants checked us for ruppees and
Made us wonder about the casts and customs of the bedrooms

Glittering saris and folded lungis cooling the
Friendly people everywhere
Shaking hands, wanting photos or
The touch of the white skins of the west
Tuk tuks, rickshaws and barefooted pilgrims in uniforms

Fishing boats parked on the shores
Waiting for the storms to settle
The Maharajas made their way to our plates
Too many choices gave some the
Dehli belly for days

Blessed on the streets with the warm breezes
Beautiful black hair and skin surrounds us
Poverty and wealth struggle to keep the caste system
With a variety of foods and markets everywhere
18 days of overeating

Upside down moon festivals
Ocean waves on both sides of a continent
Carrying the world’s garbage to a land so connected with spirits
Ox carts dodging motorcycles
And buses honking

Compromises made from the front of the bus
Brought us on a memorable journey
Through an unforgettable part of the world
Never to forget and
Never to return.

Looking for hope!

                   Looking for hope!



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