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a frog – a snake – a fish

We stayed in the upper Peruvian Amazon at the Tahuayo Lodge.  It is an ECO centre for tourists but also a scientific research centre.  There are actually 2 lodges in this part of the Amazon jungle, about 1 mile apart.  We stayed in both and they were both unique and wonderful!

You can find out all the information about this place by going to …. perujungle.com

Everyone who visits the Tahuayo Lodge is assigned a person local guide.  This guide has many adventures to share with you and I just want to tell you about a few.

Our guide was named Weni.  He was about 30 years of age and was born and raised near the lodge.  We asked him one day to take us up the river to his family homestead.  We wandered up the river in a motor boat enjoying the flora and fauna and the river.  It was unforgetable!!!!

When we reach his family home, we debarked and wandered on the terra ferma through the thick overgrowth when we came upon …

  1.  a poison dart frog … This is the most poisonous creature on the planet.  It is about the size of your fingernail.  The local people take the poison from the frog’s back and use it on their arrows to kill whatever food they are hunting.dart frog
  2. a fer de lance snake … The is the most dangerous snake in the Americas.  It is famous for its camouflague.  As we were hiking and enjoying the endless trees and plants and all the colours, Weni spotted a fer de lance snake coiled in a tree a few feet from us.  Thank heavens, it was sleeping.  We watched it very closely and took some pictures without the flash, afraid to startle it and have it chase us.  Apparently, if biten, a human only has a few more minutes of life on Earth.  Obviously, we survived!!!fer de lance

This video isn’t mine but it was taken in the same location we were in …

•  a piranha fish …  Weni, our guide,  took us fishing in the flooded jungle near the lodge for piranha.  He told us that there were 20 different kinds of piranha and the red belly variety would bite you if you were threatening it.  We had made our fishing poles using a Turtle tree branch and with larvae for bait off we paddle in the very thin and small dugout.  There was only room for the 3 of us.  As we relaxed in the forest and waited for our first nibble, Milla was in a different boat across the river from us, trying to catch a fish – no luck for her but maybe it was because she was standing and the fish could see her.fish for piranna I was dreaming about being in the Garden of Eden and thinking that this must have been what it was like for Adam and Eve.  It didn’t take long and both Susan and I caught about 30 piranha.pirannaWen showed us how to cut and clean them and ready them for our supper feast.  They were delicious, by the way!

Weni also cleaned one right to the skeleton, leaving the head on, so I could bring it back to Canada and keep it on display in my living room as a memory of our unbelievable adventure in the world’s biggest rainforest.DSC03550

Went fished with a spear …