oh the places you'll go


About 20 years ago, we decided to spend the summer in England.  We flew from Toronto to Manchester.  We rented a car at the airport with the drop off option of Heathrow airport at the end of our adventure.

The Lake District is a popular tourist destination in the northwest of England.  It is famous for its beautiful countryside.  It is well worth the drive.  The Lake District National Park has walks for every ability from ambles around lakes to high ridge walks, with a bit of scrambling – climbing over rocks without a rope.lake district park

This isn’t my photo, but we were there and our walk happened on a rainy afternoon.  We were following a sheep trail at one point and the grasses were so high, we also got lost.  But, what a great place to get lost!!  However, a group of 12 year old school kids came along and rescued us.

We spent the summer travelling by rental car (be careful of the narrow country roads and crazy tourists on the roads).  We moved eventually into the southern part of England and decided to spend a day or two in London and see the sights.

We stayed at the Rotherhithe hostel in the Docklands.  It was ultra modern and brand new.  We chose it because of the price and it was walking distance to London’s core.  (Look it up!)rotherhithe in Docklands

Piccadilly Square and Trafalgar Square – Just sit and watch in both places!  It is definitely a circus.

Picadilly Square

London Bridge – You have to walk over it but spend time viewing the Thames.

London Bridge

I love Claude de Jongh’s oil painting of London Bridge (1632).


Warwick CastleWarwick castle

We toured Warwick castle and loved the medieval flavours and the architecture but the highlight for us was the private garden you see in the foreground.  We were high up in the castle when we noticed the beautiful garden below which has nothing to do the Warwick castle.  Upon leaving the stately castle, we headed for the magical garden.  It was in July and in full bloom.  We had a picnic lunch there and will never forget it.

Some facts about the castle from Wikipedia … (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warwick_Castle)

•  medieval

•  built by William the Conqueror in 1068

•  in the county town of Warwickshire

•  situated on a bend of the Avon River

•  rebuilt in stone in the 12th century

•  the facade opposite the town was refortified during the 100 Years War,

•  used as a stronghold until the early 17th century, when it was granted to Sir Fluke Greville by King James 1 in 1604

•  Greville (Earl of Warwick 1759) converted it to a country house

•  bought by the Tussauds Group in 1978

•  in 2007, the Tussauds Group merged with Merlin Entertainments, who is the current owner of Warwick Castle today