oh the places you'll go


We traveled to Egypt and Jordan in 2009.  There was unrest in the Middle East at that time and the Egyptians were trying to bring peace to the area, but it was still very dangerous there.  We almost didn’t go but we thought that if not now, maybe never, so we went for 3 weeks.

Our adventure began in Cairo.  I remember the tour guide saying that approximately 25 million people live in Cairo, but there was probably a lot more.  There were soldiers everywhere and lots of security, which was noticeable but we didn’t really think about it because we were in Egypt!  Wow!  The land of the great pharaohs and the pyramids.

Just to let you know, we traveled to all of these places on this trip and saw and learned so much –


Cairo – How did the Egyptians build this?


The Great Pyramid of Giza


Alexandria – What is the story of Alexander the Great?

The Great Library of Alexandria

The Great Library of Alexandria

Luxor – The Pharaoh’s Capital City


The World's Greatest Open Air Museum

The World’s Greatest Open Air Museum

Edfu – Most complete and best preserved temple in Egypt.- Royal Princess river cruise; Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings; Temples of Luxor and Karnak

The Temple of Horus

The Temple of Horus


Aswan – Ancient Nile River gateway city in the south.


Feluccas are wooden sailboats.


The Royal Princess –  This floating hotel was our home for a few days.Royal-Princess-Large-01The Valley of the Kings – This isn’t my video but this was very similar to our experience.

(Worth every penny)

Abu Simbel – Two massive rock temples in southern Egypt near the Sudan border.

These temples are situated near water and had to be moved. Just imagine that job!

These temples are situated near water and had to be moved. Just imagine that job!

Sinai Peninsula – A desert area between the Red Sea and the Mediterannean Sea.  We were traveling to Jordan and stopped for a night at the Sharm el Sheikh resort on the Red Sea.

We love water!

We love water!


Aqaba – This is Jordan’s only coastal city of 140 k and if you ever watched the movie, “Lawrence of Arabia”, then you know what it’s like in Aqaba.  We checked out Lawrence’s accommodations.  It was a little stark, but cool!desert inn in Jordan

If you’re going to visit Petra nearby, you might want to check out Aqaba.  It is said to be a liberal Arab community and they are trying to make it into a stop for tourists.  Go out for dinner there and have some sayadeyah (rice/fish/spices).  It is yummy!7a2c9de3-abad-4260-9aff-9a39c983f3cdسمك-فيلية-بالفرن-مع-أرز-صيادية806

The Dead Sea – Its hypersaline water makes floating easy as you can see.  Rob and Sue went back to their hotel for a mineral-rich black mud bath.the dead sea

Amman – A big modern city in northern part of Jordan with lots to see and do.  The Temple of Hercules might be your fancy or you might want to take in a famous pianist in the Roman Theatre with 6000 other cultural humans like we did.