oh the places you'll go

Budapest Hungary


Hotel Gellert is one of the most famous hotels in Europe.  Its art nouveau style is impressive!  It is located on the Danube River in Budapest Hungary and is very popular for locals, business people, and tourists from the world over.  It was built between 1916 and 1918 and renovated in 1962.  gellertbath-3

The Gellert Spa, which is connected to the hotel directly, has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a wave bath, and thermal spas that can be used by hotel guests free of charge.

When we heard that these thermal baths could heal and prevent disease, we immediately took the elevator to the basement of the hotel, and wandered through the maze of tunnels and rooms to find this magic water.  I told my wife to meet me at the pool.  Well, it took quite a while to find it and her, but I felt like I was in a James Bond movie.   As I explored this biomorphic fitness centre,  I met lots of very interesting characters.  Some were exercising in very old fashion ways and some we getting massages for all to see.    Hungarian men and women in their middle Eastern swim suits was priceless.   (I think I saw this woman down in the pool) …images

Wasn’t she that “evil agent with the spiked shoes who was trying to kill James Bond?”