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Bucerias, Mexico | February 16, 2014

La Cruz market


La Cruz is another beautiful coastal town just around the bay from Bucerias.  It is famous for its harbor and there are certainly many beautiful yachts docked there.  Well, the local people thought that the Sunday market should take place at the marina.  This is a “Gringo” market.  Not only are their some local Mexican entrepreneurs selling their specialties, but many Gringos, who live in Mexico for more than half the year, have things to sell as well.  If your looking for custom jewels, organic salad dressings, or maybe olive sourdough bread, this is the place to be on Sunday morning.


Sue, Rob and Betty ventured over to La Cruz by bus for 50 cents each and after a little walk down a La Cruz street, came upon the market.  Sue bought a carrot cake/ coconut almond cake (1/2 of each) for $30.  Yes!  $30.  That’s more than Rob spends on his sciatica.  The weather was beautiful and so was the market.  All the food looked so tasty.  Maybe Kathy, Bill, and Jack will take the trip next week.


A little relaxing back at the treehouse happened over the early afternoon when it is really hot and then off to the beach.  Everyone gathered for a couple of hours on the sand watching many Mexican families enjoy their wonderful paradise of warm waters and beautiful scenery.


The vendors were out in full selling donuts, necklaces, umbrellas, and beach mats.  Rob, Sue, and Betty purchased an umbrella.  It is a necessity!

Robert and Jack built an iguana in the sand and a couple of Mexican kids assisted.

the beginning


Bucerias iguana


the end


Kathy, Bill, Sue, and Betty chatted and ate sandwiches and fresh pineapple.


Sue and Rob did go for a dip in the ocean before returning to the treehouse for their spinach pesto fetticini. Oh ya!  Cake too …..


Exercises and olympics should wrap up the day.