oh the places you'll go

Bucerias, Mexico | February 14, 2014

Valentine Day

Betty, Sue and Limpy Bob started the day at the sidewalk festival, where several vendors sold food and Mexican crafts to the beat of the Aztec drum.   A troupe of Aztec performers proceeded to amaze the crowd with a ‘cleansing ceremony’ consisting of a ceremonial dance and a symbolic act of fire and flesh!
One of the highlights of the festival was the music provided by a Mexican duo close to the beach. Robert and Sue danced up a storm in a dancing competition and won 1st prize.  What a romantic pair of senior citizens.  (Hey!  Doesn’t he have sciatica?)
The real hit of the celebration though, was Nina, a 3 year old dance phenome, who charmed the crowd with her partner Limpy Bob, whose sciatica seemed to fade away in the excitement of the moment. It was a short lived miracle, as he limped off the dance floor.  Thank heavens for ibuprophin!
We spent lunch hour at Karen’s, and Betty enjoyed her fish tacos again.
Later in the afternoon, Jack and Sue played in Jack’s pool.  She taught him how to do a perfected belly-flop, while Robert did his stretches on the side of the pool.
This pool is at Kathy and Bill’s apartment.  One of the residents of the complex complained that Sue was swimming in the pool.  Kathy wasn’t feeling well so the owners finally allowed her to take Kathy’s place.
Robert’s 5 p.m. appointment with “Strega Nona”, the physio lady, proved to be another positive experience for “Mr. Tight Ass”.  It’s amazing how his bum cheeks were all scrunched up and with one magic finger, she released all of the tension in his gluteus maximas!  This lady is amazing compared to Rob’s treatment in Canada.  For an hour long $28 treatment,  you have a professional work her magic,  including … tens, ultrasound, massage, exercises.
We finished the evening off by watching Patrick Chan lose his gold medal.  He is a great skater, but he didn’t deserve to win.  The 19 year old Japanese skater was the best!