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Bucerias, Mexico | February 13, 2015

Party in the Treehouse


The day began rather innocently, with a walk on the beach.  It is warm, calm, and idyllic strolling along the water’s edge looking for treasures at 9 a.m..  Sue, Betty, and Kathy went in one direction, while I (Robert) sat under a thatched umbrella and did my sciatic stretches.  I did take a few minutes to photograph our parota tree from ground level, and tried to spot the 2 resident iguanas that apparently live in it.  The story has it that the large black male isn’t too friendly and the green female is so friendly that she has been known to visit the treehouse kitchen, looking for food.  We haven’t seen either of them yet.


After Susan returned with some coloured tiles and shells, I discovered that there was going to be a party tonight at our place.  Kathy was kind enough to offer to bring all the food and beverages. She also brought along her two friends from Alberta, Steven and Marylynn.  That is the best kind of party to host – no preparation necessary except maybe some sweeping of the parota tree leaves.  This tree is amazing!  It sheds its leaves and instantly grows a new batch around this time of year.  Not many people would enjoy the daily cleanup, but we do.


Anyway, everyone arrived around 6 p.m. Kathy, Bill, Steve, Marylynn, and of course Jack.  Oh Betty!!! Yes Betty.  Well, she was bringing some hor dourves and wine, and was suppose to arrive early.  She stopped to chat with Francisco, our landlord, in the restaurant at the bottom of our building.  She wanted to chat with him about possibly renting a suite for next year.  She finally arrived around 7 p.m. feeling very happy.  Francisco is a very nice man and very handsome, but I think it was the 2 glasses of wine that put a big smile on her face.


Marylynn and Steve are from Edmonton and Bill and Betty are arguing about the caesar salad.  The dressing is direct from Foxy kitchens and Sue has been making the dressing for over 40 years.  It is the best!

There was lots of great food at the party!  Kathy whipped up a delicious fetticinni alfredo and Sue baked some garlic chicken.  Most people dined out on the large palapa overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean, lit by a full moon.  The Olympics were on tv,  and Jack explained to Steve, who was winning all the medals.  Kathy and Sue (friends since high school), reminised in the kitchen.
Jack, being 3, made the decision to leave around 8:30 p.m. and everyone was gone in a blink.  Betty was escorted safely home to her apartment 2 blocks away.  She is so lucky to have the Drunken Duck bar just off her balcony.  She is seranaded each night with ‘old rock tunes’ sung by, I guess, Drunken Ducks.
Sue and I put the leftovers away, and went to bed.