If you live in the freezing north, like BeachBabyBob and his wife Sue do, then you might want to head south, especially in February and March.  Bob and Sue chose the Puerto Vallarta area along the west coast of Mexico, because it is cheaper than the USA and safer.  At least the people don’t carry guns as far as we know.  (Haven’t met any Mexican Cartel yet … fingers crossed.)

BeachBabyBob, of youtube fame, and his wife Sue of 52 years, decided on Bucerias as their winter home.  They scouted the authentic Mexican town for a unique place to hang their hats for a couple of months.  The Ana Ruth’s Hotel on Calle Espinoza in the centro part of the community of 15000 was perfect for them.  This hotel is small, not too high, filled with Canadian snowbirds, and close to the ocean … and the largest parota tree in the province of Jalisco.

The penthouse was available a few years back and it was exactly what Bob and Sue were after.  Most of the apartment is outside under the warm blue sky and southern constellations.  All the amenities are of few steps away, and the hotel has a restaurant that is 5 stars *****.  It is called, “Los Pericos”.  The staff is friendly, polite, and very helpful!  i.e. Bernie is the best!  The cooks in the kitchen know how to many wonderful tasty foods with lots of choices.  It is presented with class as well.  BRAVO!

This hotel experience has been described as “unforgettable” by many!  The residents relate like family.  Everyone will help you if you have a problem.

BeachBabyBob and Sue love living outdoors, rain or shine.  The love plants, and there a many at this hotel.  They love trees and birds.  This location has got that in spades.  They love the ocean. It is literally 20 steps away.

Bob has been know to say, “I am in heaven!”

Highlights of Bucerias (things not to miss)

Here are a few recommendations from BBB and Sue that you might want to experience when visiting the area:

  1.  The La Cruz Sunday Market
  2.  The Drunken Duck and or the Luna Lounge
  3.  San Pancho’s EntreAmigos community centre and Luis Moralis (bird man of Mexico)
  4.  a day trip to San Sebastian
  5.  Monarch Butterfly Bioreserve
  6.  Los Pericos restaurant
  7.  the Tropical America Palm ranch
  8.  Toscana Mia Italian restaurant
  9.  looking to coloured glass and coloured ceramic tiles on the beach
  10.  Destilladeras beach

Published by Robert Fox

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