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Blog – Mexico 2017

We are spending February and March once again in Bucerias Mexico, and we are thrilled to be living in the penthouse on the roof of the Ana Ruth’s Hotel in the Bucerias Centro, which is just about a half hour north of Puerto Vallarta.  We arrive on Feb. 3 and so our first blog entry will be on Feb. 4.  We will try and make it more exciting than years gone by, so please follow along and join us.  We will post a new entry each day for 2 months.

Day 1 – Spiny-tailed Green Iguana

On day 1, we discovered the spiny-tailed green iguana lives with us.  Check out this link that I where I wrote the story about the spiny-tailed green iguana

Day 2 – Yellow Fin Surgeonfish

On day 2, we visited a market that resembles summer markets in Ontario.  This Mexican market is held every Sunday at a small Mexican town called La Cruz, just about 5 min. up the coast from Bucerias.  Check out this link to our article on the yellow fin surgeonfish ….

Day 3 – Things To Do In Bucerias